Calgary MLS® Community Name Changes

Calgary MLS® Community Map
Effective on January 5, 2016 the Calgary Real Estate Board will be updating their Calgary MLS® community boundaries and names to align with the existing City of Calgary communities.  The changes have come about in an effort to increase database integrity and eliminate naming communities that do not formally exist as  formally recognized by the City.  This will enable both CREB® and the City of Calgary to better share, compare, and analyze housing data.  Generally speaking, the ‘estate’ communities have disappeared and are incorporated into the surrounding communities.

In addition, the 4 zones (A, B, C, D) that previously existed will be no more, replaced with 8 smaller zones with more intuitive geographic names.

Some interesting MLS community changes are are highlighted in the images below:

NORTH WEST: Varsity Acres, Varsity Village, and Varsity Estates in the NW have amalgamated into a single community named Varsity. Also, Ranchlands Estates is absorbed into Ranchlands.

North West Calgary MLS® Community Map

NORTH: Keystone Hills disappears to make way for the new communities of Carrington and Livingston.

North Calgary MLS® Community Map

WEST: Signature Hill & Richmond Hill are eliminated and incorporated into Signal Hill, while The Slopes gets absorbed into Springbank Hill. Lakeview Village becomes a part of Lakeview.

West Calgary MLS Communities Map

SOUTH: Willow Park absorbs Willow Park Estates, Lake Bonavista absorbs Lake Bonavista Estates, and Deer Run absorbs Deer River Estates.

South Calgary MLS Communities Map