Can I go to open houses without my Agent?

open-housesYes, you can go to public open houses without your agent and you are not violating any “threshold” rights of the Agents. However, it is good practice to indicate to the attending Agent that you are currently working with an Agent (and if you have a Buyer’s agent contract). Providing this information is a courtesy to both your existing Agent and the attending Agent. It makes your open house visit more enjoyable because the attending Agent will leave you be and not bother to try and extract your contact information (other than perhaps your name). You should also notify your Agent when you are visiting open houses because often there may be trade information that your Agent will be able to pass on to make your visit more valuable and he may also choose to notify the attending agent of your impending visit. These are all good practices that make your working with an Real Estate Agent more enjoyable and productive. Remember that if you are wishing to view a property outside of a scheduled an open house it is best practice to contact the Agent that you are working with (the Agent that will be representing you) and Not the listing agent to tour the property. If a situation arises outside these parameters or when in doubt, always call your Agent ahead to avoid any mis-communication.

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