How many homes should I view before buying?

HousesThis appears to be a pretty subjective question.  We’ll try to shed some light on it because everyone asks it  (or wants to ask it) and you may be surprised by the answer.

The goal of any home-hunting expedition is to ensure you find the best fit for your lifestyle and then to ensure that you pay fair market value for your new home. A Real Estate Professional helps you to:

1. Establish the right criteria for your home search, so you target for the right property.

2. Save you time locating homes that match your criteria.

3. Ensure that you view all available homes on the market (and even some that are not) so you see all possibilities.

4. Enable you to make a great decision, by comparing only similar properties that fit the criteria.

5. Provide you with an accurate market evaluation so you pay only fair market value (irregardless of the list price).

6. Negotiate the purchase on your behalf to get you the home for fair market value or less.

7. Ensure that the contract is properly drafted and conditions are defined to protect your interest.

8. Enable you to get the best financing and monitor the transaction to ensure a smooth closing.

Breaking it down, it becomes apparent that many of the factors are actually within our control  and not as subjective as you may imagine.

Our Buyer Program ensures that we walk through every aspect of buying a home, to educate the Buyer, answer every question and ensure that they make the right choices before we set out on a search or view any properties. From experience, a properly crafted search criteria will produce a slate of 30 homes which, after  filtered for location issues, provides around 20 homes that a Buyer would buy if they were appealing. This is where personal preference comes into play and a bit of chemistry. It’s been said that when you walk through the door of the your home, that  “it talks to you”. In many ways this is true and we’ve witnessed it a surprising number of times. Then the only reservation that buyers could have once this magic moment occurs is that they haven’t missed viewing a home that could possibly be better. This is ensured by viewing all properties available (but only those that you fit the criteria). Provided that everyone is clear about their goals, and we are practiced in the art of uncovering those true goals, then the process should take as long as it would take to view a dozen of the best homes available and make a decision. Depending on schedules and availability this can take between 3 days to two weeks. Once we have viewed everything available there is a chance that the right home has not yet come on to the market. We ensure that after every viewing we test our criteria. After all, this process is an education as well as an adventure, so sometimes people change their minds with new information. That’s OK too. We refocus and renew the criteria and set out to view the new slate of homes. This recalibrate can add another several days to a week to the process.

Once found we need to negotiate and perform our due diligence. This process will take a week to ten days to complete and then the buyer simply starts packing, looking forward to the closing date which is typically within 30 to 90 days.

Locating the perfect home can happen successfully in a weekend or a few weeks depending on the circumstances and your requirments to complete the task, but what is clear is that regardless of your timing, with the right process and people in place you won’t sacrifice finding the perfect home. At Sano Stante Real Estate, we have helped thousands of satisfied clients find their best home. Call us to help you find your’s

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