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Create a Yoga studio in your home

Yoga Studio

Creating a sanctuary within your home for yoga or meditation is a great idea that allows you to slip away for a needed respite during a hectic day. Those of you who have practiced your yoga routine in a hotel room will attest that the space you set aside does not have to be large, but it will need to have the elements of simplicity, quiet, balance and oneness with nature.  The ideal space would have a serene view of a garden or natural elements. If you cannot use an entire room, a Japanese-style folding partition can easily define the area.For meditation, a beautiful zafu cushion from is the perfect item to showcase in your space.  The 100 percent cotton cover is filled with buckwheat and, as a seat, the zafu cushion helps bring length and alignment to the spine.You can also find comfortable meditation chairs, which are low slung chairs styled to support a lotus position and a combination of the two would be ideal.

If you cannot escape the sounds of a busy household, soothing music or a meditative tape can aid in relaxation. Place a small mp3 player, CD player or iPod dock in the space and keep your favorite CDs nearby to keep the environment as serene and peaceful as possible. A trickling fountain or water feature will work nicely as well.

Whether your own personal “Zen den” has wood flooring, carpeting or tile, a yoga mat is an essential component to the space. Look for one made from eco-friendly TPE, which is an excellent choice for those passionate about the planet and their practice. These are available in a multitude of colors so keep your room in mind when choosing this to complement your sanctuary. For those worried about germs in the home, chose a yoga mat featuring a unique closed-cell structure that blocks moisture, germs and odors from absorbing into the mat.

Bring an element of nature into the space, whether it be a tiny Bonsai tree or a favorite potted plant to enliven the space. If at all possible, the designated area should have a window or a door to allow the eyes to travel and view an element of nature, even if it is simply the sky.

To set the mood and your intention in the time you set to practice, the correct lighting is essential. If you cannot alter the lighting of a shared space or add dimming switches to your lights, try lighting a candle. The gentle flickering and chosen scent make candles the perfect light anytime you need to reflect or reconnect with your moods and emotions.

Keeping you dry during your moments of practice within your own private sanctuary, a mat towel is absorbing, comforting and slip-resistant, allowing you to become one with your mat without losing your rhythm. After use, it can be placed in the washing machine for a quick wash, all in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you designate an entire room for your new home yoga sanctuary or simply section off a small space in a shared living area, this should be a place you long to come to each day for peace and reflection. Dedicating this space will also make it easier for you to maintain the habit of your routine and the benefits of regular yoga and meditation are invaluable. Make it yours!

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Fall Home Maintenance

Fall Home Maintenance

Each season home maintenance should be performed to prevent structural damage, save energy and keep your home’s systems running properly. To protect your home investment, try to follow an annual routine and you will discover that the work is easy and not very time consuming. By following a healthy maintenance schedule you will receive years of trouble free service from your home and avoid costly and unnecessary repairs.  To winterize your home, these are the most important items to attend to in the Fall.


  • Deadhead plants, weed and rake leaves
  • Mulch over perennials and protect young or sensitive trees
  • Prune overgrown shrubs and trees
  • Store outdoor furniture
  • Shut off outdoor hose connections; Drain and store hoses
  • Clean eavestroughs, downspouts and clear leaves from all vents
  • Check chimneys for any obstructions such as nests
  • Ensure that all ground slopes away from the home – check settling
  • Cover outside air-conditioner units and shut off power
  • Check all doors and windows and repair any weatherstripping
  • Visually inspect all exterior flashing’s and caulked joints for any openings and re-caulk as necessary


  • Consider removing interior screens from windows to provide frost free air flow around windows
  • Check that all bath fans operate properly and to clean any hood fan filters
  • Check and test your sump pump and ensure discharge lines are clear
  • Check all fire and CO2 alarms and replace batteries
  • Test all ground-fault breakers
  • Clean furnace, heat recovery unit filters and replace if required
  • Check all pilot lights for furnaces and fireplaces and check operation
  • Bleed air from radiators (hot water heating systems)
  • Have your furnace or heating system serviced by a qualified service company every two years and clean ducts as required

Following a regular schedule of maintenance will save you energy, avoid costly repairs and provide you peace of mind over the winter months. If you have any questions about maintenance and ways to protect your home investment, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Sano Stante Real Estate we have a team of real estate experts that can help you get the most from your real estate investment.




important to look for when buying a home

buying a home

What is most important to look for when buying a home has much to do with the Buyer’s lifestyle and stage in life, as well as a other factors that experienced real estate agents evaluate.
To flesh out these nuances, ensure that you spend ample time with your real estate agent in a Buyer review. This is an interview where you review every aspect of buying a home, ensuring that there are no issues that would preclude you from buying your home, determining the best criteria for your new home, and  educating you on the entire process from start to finish.

Following this review you should have a solid foundation and comfort with the process you will be undertaking, a detailed understanding of the criteria you require in a home, and knowledge of how to go about selecting the best property. Essentially, after this review, all that is remaining for you is to pick the property that you “love” because you will only be viewing homes that fit all of your criteria – making the selection process that much easier and saving you an enormous amount of time.

The one common theme that emerges from these reviews which highlights what is most important to look for when buying is to “buy what you can’t change”

What do we mean by this?

Aspects of a property that you cannot change would be:

  • Location and surrounding neighbourhood
  • Zoning, restrictions, bylaws and regulations
  • Other factors that are outside of your control or too onerous to change such as major structural issues.

The components of a property that you can change are:

  • Cosmetics (paint, flooring and decorating)
  • Minor plan shifting (moving or opening a few walls)
  • Non-structural repairs
  • Landscaping

Often the best value can be discovered hidden in properties that are the less appealing, but with issues that are easily overcome. Conversely some of the biggest problems we have witnessed arise from properties that had lots of surface appeal masking a location issue, structural problem or other permanent condition. It”s easy to fall prey to these, so be certain to rely on an experienced real estate agent to guide you past these and shed light on the more important aspects of a property. Also, ensure that you insist on a home inspection as a condition of the purchase to ensure that you discover any serious issues that may be hidden beyond obvious sight.

There are more permutations and quirks to buying the right home than can be described in a synopsis, however a very important point is to ensure that you get the best representation on your side. Choosing the best real estate agent to find the perfect home won”t cost you any more and can save you much more than dollars – it can affect the rest of your life. Sano Stante real estate group has provided over three decades of expert real estate service to thousands of satisfied homeowners. We can help – call us.