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buying a home in Calgary
Initial Perspective

We’ve worked with countless buyers over the years who have been looking to buy a house in Calgary, and have had the opportunity to counsel them on a proven strategy to discover their best home.  When we first sit down with home buyers, we like to first get their perspective on how they envision finding a home. The thing is, it’s not always an intuitive process. Most have a list of features they want in a home, but don’t know how to best translate their wants and needs to a systematic home evaluation process. This is the start of the home buying process.


Real Estate BUYING 101

In addition to answering questions about real estate, we get our clients’ initial thoughts on what they’re looking for, we engage in a thorough ‘Calgary Real Estate 101’ to identify various aspects that enhance value in properties, specifically in Calgary. The concepts are abstract though intuitive and by the end of the session, the drivers of value in the local real estate market are easily understood.


What about market conditions?

Market conditions are an important factor in any decision to buy a home, and we ensure that the past, current, and future market conditions are explained in a simple manner.  Knowing where we sit in the real estate cycle allows our buyers to make better decisions about timing and their investment.


The Process

Combining basic real estate concepts with market analysis, we’ve developed a process which enables our buyers to make intelligent and informed decisions about where they live and how to best invest their hard earned money. This approach has led to countless buyers making the best decision possible to achieve their goals, and gain and retain as much equity as possible during every swing in the market.


Your Search

Now that our clients understand the value and the market, and we understand their needs and wants, we mesh these concepts with a systematic process to produce a unique home search for our clients. If you would like to begin your search early you can visit this great property search tool.

If your worried about the costs of using a Realtor as a buyer, don’t be, it’s free! Here you can find more information.


This hidden almost forgotten about community, is boasting new growth and more development now! Bridgeland formally knows as Riverside located to the immediate northeast of downtown Calgary. Bridgeland borders a natural environment composed of the confluence of the Bow River and Elbow River. Tom Campbell’s Hill Park lies on the eastern edge of Bridgeland and overlooks the downtown, Bow River and northeastern part of the city. St. Patrick’s Island and St. George’s Island lie in the southern part of Bridgeland. St. George’s Island is home to the Calgary Zoo, Canada’s second largest zoo. Bridgeland being in the heart of the city is close to everything! Starting with the sense of family and accessibility, close to elementary through to high schools, continued learning schools, and all forms of transit, there are also many parks and playgrounds and a new elementary school for disabled kids will be under way in 2015. For the young couples of Calgary, this neighborhood is one of the only remaining quadrants of Calgary that still boasts the classic and vintage architecture and only a 10 minute walk to the heart of night life central. With dozens of new pubs, restaurants, attractions, movie theatres and walking paths this is a wonderful spot to spend some time with your partner and fall in love all over again. Last but never the least, for the classic Calgarians; the ones that have seen the city shift and change and most of all grow! This is the finest location in Calgary for you to enjoy a quiet night on your porch, under massive 50 year old poplars and watch from just across the river as the city buzzes with excitement, or, take a stroll to one of the many dog parks, pottery classes or boutiques nearby. Truly a one of a kind communities and stronger now more than ever. This locality has seen and survived some of Calgary’s scariest moments; from the floods of 2013 to the destroying snow fall of 2014, Bridgeland is still big and beautiful and strong! Welcome home to a one of a kind community!