Our Unique Difference

At Sano Stante Real Estate Marketing, our goal is excellence in every aspect of the home buying process with a focus on three areas.  Expert Market Insight comes from years of experience and a dedication to the study of the local real estate markets.  Concierge Service is what our clients deserve and expect from us from start to finish.  Powerful Negotiating is a result of hard work and training in the art of negotiation. This is our unique difference, and we outperform in these areas like no one else.

Expert Market Insight

Calgary is our home. It’s the place our forefathers pioneered, where we were born and raised our children, and where we intend to stay. And aside from our work in real estate we are deeply invested in the communities we serve, from promoting sustainable development to civic advocacy on important issues that affect the quality of life in Calgary . It demonstrates our commitment to this great City and the roots we have here. This also demonstrates the depth of knowledge we have of the various communities and amenities within Calgary, an invaluable resource that benefits our clients when moving to, or within Calgary. We keep our finger on the pulse of the real estate market and as the recent President and a Director of CREB (Calgary Real Estate Board), Sano takes issuing market insight seriously.

Concierge Service

Our aim is to leave no stone unturned, to ensure that there are no missed opportunities, and to make the buying or selling process as stress-free as possible for you.  The systems we follow rigorously have been fine tuned over the years to allow us to make efficient and effective use of our time, meaning we can be effective and profitable without the need to go mass production. We never take on more Clients than we can serve personally and effectively.

Powerful Negotiating

Negotiating starts the second a showing is booked for the property. We understand that and ensure that every member of our team is trained to know how to trade information effectively to ensure your negotiation is never compromised. We also know that there are a myriad of aspects to negotiating a sale that are sometimes lost on those only looking at the bottom dollar.  Given that there are literally thousands of permutations to every real estate transaction, having council that has experienced most of them is a tremendous benefit to you. We know the road and although life is never predictable, we can help you fit all the pieces of the puzzle together to form a deal that works best for you.